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For all NHS workers risking their lives during the Corona Virus pandemic to provide healthcare for others during these difficult and trying times I would like to offer you an acute telephone or skype health consultation for a special price of £20, including prescription remedies sent by mail to your home.

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No matter what your location you may be pleased to learn that I can offer you homeopathic support via telephone, Skype or as a one-to-one consultancy.

I am an experienced and fully qualified Homeopath who received a license to practice Homeopathy in 2009 since which time I have helped individuals whether they be infants or elderly overcome and recover from a broad range of physical, emotional or mental symptoms or a combination of all three.

How I discovered Homeopathy:

After developing extreme hyperactivity at age 2 yrs our child was diagnosed with ADHD and my husband and I embarked on a long search for a solution that didn’t include Ritalin. Aged 6yr old this behaviour worsened in swimming pool water and a health visitor suggested we visit a Homeopath to solve this problem. The Homeopath prescribed Chloram 200c and this prevented this worsening behaviour in swimming pools from occurring again. Later we discovered that Homeopathy would be instrumental in ending many of our child’s behavioural challenges enabling improvements in studying that led to a University place and eventually to an excellent Degree in Engineering.

How does Homeopathy improve health?

Homeopaths believe that ill health shows we have moved from a healthier state to a less healthy one and that finding and treating the cause is the secret to effective Homeopathic prescribing. Using my child’s case as an example removing my child’s intolerance to chlorine removed the cause of the worsening behaviour.

In our busy and hectic lives it is often very difficult for us to see the cause of our our health challenges though it is possible for a trained homeopath, like me, to spot and remove the cause using homeopathy.

Please ring or email me to share your specific health challenge/s so I can determine the ways in which homeopathy can be of service.

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Lynne Shrubb, LCH, MARH, RHom


Tel: 01242 361852 / 07753222306  / Email: lynne@healthyfutures4you.co.uk