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Thank you for finding your way to my website. 

Perhaps you already know how useful homeopathy can be and wish to engage my services or maybe you are here because you are considering using homeopathy for the first time?

Whichever group you fall into, you will want to know if I am effective in the work that I do and my patient testimonials page will provide you with insight into my patient satisfaction. Alternatively, please ring me if you wish to discuss your health needs with me directly and without commitment.

Homeopathy was developed over 200 years  ago and more than ever is used extensively around the world  for both humans and animals and this link provides information on just how widely it is used:  https://www.hri-research.org/resources/essentialevidence/use-of-homeopathy-across-the-world/  and, according to the World Health Organisation, it is second only to conventional medicine.

My unabiding wish is to improve the lives of others by using homeopathy to help them find their good health again and I offer this help either face to face in a clinic situation or in their home, via telephone or Skype consultancies.

If you are a parent in Gloucestershire who is interested in natural immunity please contact me to become a member of your local ARNICA group. ( www.arnica.org.uk ).

I look forward to helping you find your path to amazing health and happiness,

Mrs Lynne Shrubb, Homeopath

Tel: 01242 680832 / 07753222306

Email: ljshrubb@outlook.com