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Thank you for finding your way to my website.

Perhaps you already know how useful homeopathy can be and wish to engage my services or maybe you are here because you are considering using homeopathy for the first time?

Whichever group you fall into, you will probably want to know if I am effective in the work that I do so please view the patient testimonials page as they provide insight into my patient satisfaction. Alternatively, please ring me to discuss your health needs directly and without commitment.

Currently over 200 million people around the world benefit from the help homeopathy has to offer as it is complementary to conventional medicine, is effective in helping a broad range of acute and chronic mental/emotional and physical health problems including supporting patients as they recover from trauma or surgery and reduces the unwanted side effects associated with drugs, radiation and chemo therapies.

My abiding wish is to improve the lives of others by using homeopathy to help them revert to good health and I offer this help either face to face at clinic or in their home, via telephone or Skype consultancies.

If you are a parent in Gloucestershire who is interested in natural immunity please contact me to become a member of your local ARNICA group. ( www.arnica.org.uk ).

I look forward to helping you,

Mrs Lynne Shrubb, Homeopath Tel: 01242 680832 / 07753222306 Email: ljshrubb@outlook.com