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Perhaps you know already how beneficial homeopathy can be, or maybe you are considering homeopathy for the first time to solve a health problem you havnt previously received treatment for or has proven hitherto resistant to conventional treatment…? Whichever group you fall into, you will want to know how my help will benefit you and to this end I welcome an opportunity to listen and discuss with you your specific health needs after which you be in a position to decide whether I am right for person to help you solve your health problems. Please look my Testimonial pages as they provide insight into the health benefits I can provide.

    Background on homeopathy:

Homeopathy is one of the most widely used forms of medicine in the world and millions of people have successfully used homeopathy since the late 1700’s. Until the advent of the industrial revolution homeopathy was used in the UK in tandem with conventional medicine though there were many specific homeopathic hospitals in our major cities such as the former Royal London Homeopathic Hospital, now Gt. Ormond Street. In France today 50% of GPs are also trained homeopaths and offer their patients homeopathy first before drugs or surgery.

    What health problems can be helped by homeopathy?:

Homeopathy can be effective in helping a broad range of health problems which may affect an individual’s immunity, energy, behaviour, digestion, skin, respiratory, circulatory, skeletal, endocrine, lymph and nervous systems. Homeopathy can also be extremely helpful in supporting patients as they recover from surgery, and can help to reduce the unwanted side effects often associated with some drugs, or powerful interventions such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy, especially if homeopathic remedies are prescribed before conventional treatment commences.

    Is homeopathy complimentary to conventional medicine?:

Homeopathy is complementary to conventional medicine and remedies can be taken safely by people on long term conventional drugs such as Warfarin or Statins.
The gentle, non-toxic remedies prescribed will target your unique set of health symptoms rather than any disease label applied, and the outcome therefore will benefit the ‘whole’ you which includes all your mental, emotional and physical symptoms, as when we ail it is not just the target organ that is affected but ‘all’ of the person, and so homeopathy seeks to bring the whole person back to balance and to full health.

    How quickly can homeopathy help me?:

As a rule of thumb, you can expect one appointment with a homeopath for every year you have suffered from a health problem e.g: if you’ve had a respiratory problem for 6 years then it may take a minimum of 6 appointments for your vital force (or immunity) to return to good health, though it is common for my patients to see improvements within the first couple of appointments. Homeopathy may not be able to address every ailment but because you are given help and guidance across all the aspects of your health, which includes diet, exercise and toxin reduction, in many circumstances you will experience improved wellbeing, which will add significantly to your quality of life. You will find that homeopathy is not just a vehicle to finding good health but also a path to a new way of living your life, which is beneficial and appropriate to the various problems that face us in the 21st century.
Please be aware that the first appointments must always be face to face, though for those who live outside of Gloucestershire, subsequent appointments can be arranged over the phone or via Skype. Please discuss this with me.

I look forward to helping you,

Mrs Lynne Shrubb, Homeopath
Tel: 01242 680832 / 07753222306
Email: ljshrubb@outlook.com