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Here is a brief overview of how I first found Homeopathy and how it can be successfully used to achieve                                  higher levels of health :

When I first discovered homeopathy I was a struggling mother of three with one toddler who developed,  quite out of the blue, extreme hyperactivity and after an ADHD diagnosis my husband and I embarked on a search for a solution that didn’t include the chemical cosh, Ritalin, and our search came to fruition after a health visitor suggested we try Homeopathy.

After that the decision to train as a Homeopath was a simple choice as I wanted to share with others the amazing outcomes I had witnessed and experienced with Homeopathic treatment.

Since completing my training in 2009 I have had the privilege of using this wonderful medicine to solve a wide range of health problems across the human age range including those around pregnancy, birth and post natal, infancy to puberty, the fertile years, menopause and the senior years.

My clinical experience indicates that many health challenges can be overcome using carefully chosen homeopathic remedies combined with close attention to diet, that we have plenty of fresh air and exercise and keep toxins exposure to a minimum. Please note it is commonly accepted that toxins can be a major cause of disease and as toxins are accumulative we all need to adopt a careful approach to the avoidance of toxins.

Homeopaths believe that ill health shows we have moved from a healthier state to a less healthy ‘state’ and that this can be caused by many things including dietary errors (including lack of quality water), grief, shock, viruses/bacteria, stress and toxins etc and it is my job to guide the individual back to a healthier state by removing the causal affect and to educate on the best way to achieve and maintain better health.

Beautiful nature has given us bodies that are amazing self-righting mechanisms and it is the job of a Homeopath to help set the body back on its path to self-right and achieve normal operation once more.

If you wish to follow the Homeopathic path to better health please ring or email me to share your specific health challenge/s so I can determine the ways in which I and homeopathy can be of service.

Good luck with whichever path you choose,

Peace and love,

Lynne Shrubb, LCH, MARH, RHom


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