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Homeopathy used for many years by the fastest man on earth: Usain Bolt

Visit: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/olympics/9382589/London-2012-Olympics-Usain-Bolt-races-to-Germany-for-treatment-with-Healing-Hans.html


Welcome to the Healthy Futures website.

Health Futures is the web site of the licensed and registered Homeopath, Lynne Shrubb who treats patients from newborns to the elderly at her main clinic at Coombe Hill and also consults at the Natural Health Clinic at Bishops Cleeve, Cheltenham and the Apothecary Shop in Ledbury.

Telephone and Email Consultancies are also available as are Home Visits for those difficult times when patients are too infirm to travel. Homeopathy Clinics operate between 9.30am and 6pm Monday to Friday, though week-end and evening appointments may be possible.

Whilst receiving regular treatment for a chronic problem, patients will enjoy FREE treatment for any acute illness that occurs in between appointments, though remedies will be charged for.

Homeopathy is a very caring disclipline which offers energy medicine to provides solutions to a surprisingly broad range of acute or chronic health symptoms and with its origins back in the 1700s, this is a tried and tested form of  medicine which offers an holistic, non toxic path to good health.

Under Lynne’s guidance, people who are seeking natural and effective solutions to their health needs, soon learn simple ways of treating themselves and their family when suffering from common every day health symptoms, leaving Lynne to treat the more complex acute or chronic illnesses.

Gentle but effective remedies using homeopathy can work safely alongside conventional drugs reducing or preventing side effects without interferring with the action of the drugs and remedies can also antidote side effects of x-rays and other nuclear medical tests.

View the following research which highlights some of the benefits of  treatment via homeopathy.

Please spend some time looking around my website, particularly my Patient Testimonial pages, and feel free to ring me if you have a specific health question that concerns you.

Thank you for visiting my website.

Lynne Shrubb, LHC, MARH, RHom
Tel: 01242 680832 or 681176/ Mobile: 07753222306.