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As most people seeking my help will wish to know about the types of health problems I have experience with,  I will be highlighting on this page my experience and approach to solving a variety of health problems beginning today with those problems which adversely affect the function of the mind.

Topics on this page will be changed from time to time and the topic below, frequently relevant at this time of year, was added on 12th January 2019. 

Solving problems of the MIND.

It is not always well known that as well as offering real relief from a wide range of physical health symptoms, homeopathy also offers an amazing level of help for health problems affecting the mind and the nervous system.

Whatever the presenting health challenge,  I find it is always best to treat the central nervous system first, as often health problems have their roots in trauma, loss or contagion for example ‘never been well since’  grief, childbirth or an illness such as glandular fever.

In the last ten years individuals have come to me suffering from many different types of mental health problems including: delusions, hallucinations, hyperactivity, violence, brain fog, hormonal imbalance, addictive behaviour, extreme mental exhaustion, high anxiety and extreme fears including disabling flashbacks such as those caused by trauma or abuse. Frequently they report much improvement after receiving homeopathic treatment with many of their serious symptoms having completely disappeared.

There is no element of counselling involved when a homeopath treats mental health problems, however, the patient needs to be completely honest and open on every aspect of their health problem otherwise it becomes difficult to find the right prescription as the remedy picture reflects the full symptom picture of the patient.

I have lost count of the number of times patients have revealed that they feel so much better after sharing the full extent of their problem before even receiving their first prescription as often they have never had the opportunity to really talk openly about their health problems, the possible causes and the full impact it has had on their emotions and general welfare.

Rest assured that you will not be judged or criticised for any health problems you are willing to share and everything to gain from doing so. Complete privacy is a given and no information will be shared with anyone without your express permission.

My advice to you is that before you employ the services of a therapist you ensure you gain an opportunity to talk to them about your health problems and that you take your time to think through what they offer before committing to a full course of treatment.

Whatever your health problem, feel free to ring me on 07753222306 and book a free 30 minute consultancy, over the phone or in person,  so you can work out if I am a therapist you will feel comfortable working with.

Good luck with whichever course of action you take. Just take action!

Happy New Year 2019.

Peace and love,

Mrs Lynne Shrubb, LCH, MARH, RHom


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