30th October 2017

If you suffer from unwanted symptoms after eating a certain food or foods I recommend that you go to your nearest homeopath to find a remedy that will stop these unpleasant reactions.

Many people fail to recognise that their symptoms as being caused by food or food chemicals as there can be quite a delay between eating the food and the response.

Whatever the food and  though constitutional or specific remedies can also sort food intolerance, homeopathy also offers remedies called ‘sarcodes’ which is the specific food in potencies from 6c upwards and your homeopath will be able to determine which food sarcode, potency and repetition you will need to remove your particular symptoms, as we are all unique and so our specific health needs require assessment.

Speaking personally, my knee and hand arthritis no longer causes me pain or restriction since I stopped eating wheat and for the occasions when I do eat wheat, by accident or intention (when there is no other food choices available) I  use either the specific remedy for wheat intolerance (Lycopodium) or wheat in potency to remove any acute symptoms which for me includes problems with my ICV (illeocecal valve) which can become stuck open and cause a dull ache in my right abdomen which informs me this needs attention and if ignored I can end up with disrupted peristalsis resulting in alternating diarrhea and constipation which was diagnosed as IBS years ago when my children were small.

Whichever food that troubles you I believe homeopathy offers much support on the road to a healthy digestion and immune system.

Peace and love,

Lynne Shrubb, Homeopath

31st January 2017
At last its here. A film explaining clearly the efficacy of homeopathy:
Well done to all those involved in getting this off the ground!


4th February 2016
For farmers interested in using homeopathy to prevent and treat disease there is an informative recording made on Radio 4 recently which includes farmers discussing the positive outcomes of homeopathy which they have used over a number of years to protect their farm animals from disease and also anxiety:


Homeopathy For Thyroid Disease

There was a 2014 study undertaken to evaluate the efficacy of individualized homeopathy in various child cases. The decision to treat subclinical hypothyroidism with or without autoimmune thyroiditis (AIT) in children. TSH levels were studied (thyroid stimulating hormone, the one that comes on strong when thyroid hormone levels drop low), as well as anti-thyroid antibodies (looking for autoimmune attacks on the patient’s thyroid).

The results were crystal clear: homeopathy works!



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Allergies that cause Hypertension

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For the people in the world who suffer from allergies to food or chemicals and also have problems with high blood pressure here follows a personal account of my learning curve on the subject which I hope they will find useful. For some years and probably since menopause, I have been suffering from time to time with a dull but persistent headache accompanied by a rise in blood pressure up in the region of 145/91 sometimes higher. As time went by I discovered that certain foods could cause these symptoms, in particular Soya (no matter how...

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