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A kind note of thanks from a busy and caring mum with 3 young children and a ‘high flyer’ husband.

Testimonial Jan 19

From a careful mother in Cheltenham: 

I wanted to follow up on my pre-christmas emergency phone call to say that my young son recovered very well – no lingering cough and neither my husband or I came down with his bug.  I dosed us all on the Elderberry Tincture and the Ferrum Phos as a precaution (only 6c was available but we dosed up regularly) and it paid off.

Many thanks once again and Happy New Year!


Julie of Cheltenham 

I have been meaning to write to you for a little while, but have been a bogged down with some family issues. You treated me last Spring/Summer for anxiety, Hep B side effects, alopecia, sluggish digestion and I am pleased to report that despite some traumatic times (my son suffering life threatening injuries in a  fall… doing well now though) I have had only 2 panic attacks in many months and my bald spot is filling in nicely with new hair, as well as less general hair fall and my hair is thicker. I have also felt physically pretty well considering a lot of stress. My digestion is much better too! So, thank you for your efforts on my behalf and if I need your services again I will be back!


Christie of Tewkesbury

A Tewkesbury patient in her 20’s came to me suffering with distressing bowel symptoms that medical doctors diagnosed as being ulcerative colitis and this letter informs how homeopathic treatment quickly removed this patient’s bowel symptoms:  


RS of Cheltenham 

“Following a serious health issue two years ago, I sought advice from Lynne who investigated my situation and has prescribed various homeopathic remedies over that time. From the treatment received I can say that the remedies have had a very beneficial effect on my condition and a positive improvement on my well-being. I continue to consult Lynne whenever the need arises”.

(Happily, this patient no longer requires regular homeopathic treatment from me which supported him through radiation therapy, chemotherapy and a bowel resection which included a number of home and hospital support visits).


James of Tewkesbury 

In May 2013 an elderly gentlemen came to see me after a week in hospital where he lost 20kgs of water after they treated the oedema caused by what hospital doctors then diagnosed as heart failure which resulted in him being prescribed a raft of drugs including Warfarin, Beta-Blockers, Diuretics and Ace Inhibitors. The first part of this document outlines this patients pathology effecting his heart and the lower pink section is a letter received from his consultant seven months after this gentleman begun to receive homeopathic treatment from me. The essence of this patients dis-ease was an emotional broken heart which resulted in a physical broken heart and when remedies were given to treat the whole person this patient’s innate ability to self-heal was activated.


Sam of Gloucester 

I would like to say a huge thank you for recently helping my 16 year old son who is currently studying away from home and who suffers dreadfully with exam anxiety. His course is very intensive and the pressure to succeed is very stressful. I can only say how skeptical we were about homeopathic treatments, but decided that he needed something that was non addictive and non toxic to get him through this particular time.

I dont think either of us could believe the difference when he started to take the prescription, he quoted “although the nerves are still there they are not so intense, I feel so much calmer and relaxed” and since taking his tablets, he has passed his exams with impressive results… If only we had thought about homeopathy before now, we would have saved ourselves so much stress! Thank you Lynne for your prompt and professional service, we will be sure to recommend you to others.


Bronwen of Cheltenham 

Lynne has cared for my young son Noah for the last three years. She is warm and kind and engages him in a lovely postive way and he listens to her advice! She has helped him through a winter of a bad cough, when the alternative was antibiotics and steroids. This winter a small cough started, but with Lynne’s treatment he went through a classic homeopathic cycle of getting worse and then clearing the cough completely! Not a one for the many weeks since.

I find Lynne approachable and willing to listen and engage with me, as well as administer good medical attention to my son. I am so glad I found her and can take a confidence in her considerate and careful approach to homeopathy.


Emma of Gloucester
I just wanted to send you a message to say thank you for your help last year whilst I was doing my A-Levels. It was a very stressful, difficult time and I don’t think I would have got through it so well without your help. I achieved an A* and 2 Bs in my A Levels and have just recieved an unconditional offer from my top University choice, without even having to go for an interview! I have also been to interviews for the other universities I applied to and for work. The remedies you gave me have definitely helped me to be more confident and less anxious – I doubt I would have managed to do any of those things before I came to you. Thank you!’
Ian of Churchdown 
I am a qualified homoepath and self-prescribing does not generally work for me, so I picked Lynne out from the internet to see if she could resolve my problems. I saw Lynne over a 6 month period and found her to be very astute, intuative and above all else professional in her work. She came up with ideas and suggestions drawn from her superior experience in homoepathy that was of great help to me. She resolved my heath issues and my time and money was well spent with Lynne – I would recommend her to anyone.’


Emma of Cheltenham 

Whilst completing her homeopathic training (2008), Lynne asked me if she could use me as a case study and I’m so glad she did! I’d been suffering with chronic exhaustion for a number of years and the approaches she taught me and remedies she suggested worked better than I could have hoped. As a result I’ve been able to achieve so much and I am very grateful to her.’


Debbie of Winchcombe

In July 2012, I consulted Lynne Shrubb regarding a problem with arthritis. I had been diagnosed with arthritis in both hips a year ago, and had been struggling to manage the condition since then. My doctor had very little help to offer, ibrufufen and excercise.

I was managing quite well after changing my diet, but knew I needed more help; I am only 56 and wanted to continue enjoying my passion for dancing, tango being particularly difficult with restricted hip/leg movements! A conversation with a member of the North Cotswold Homeopathic Group (of which I am a member) lead me to Lynne Shrubb.

It was a relief to sit down and talk to her, and to finally understand how a number of symptoms in the previous 18 months all fell into a pattern of inflammation as my body succumbed to the arthritis. Seeing a homeopath provides a wonderful time of reflection, then encouragement to make small changes if necessary.

Lynne was very easy to talk to, a perceptive listener. Since starting to take the remedies I feel much better generally, in a sense returned to myself, and my arthritis is hugely improved; I am back to dancing and running down the stairs! Going to see Lynne feels like the best thing I could have done to help myself.


Pearl of Gloucester

Having sought the professional advice of Lynne in relation to health issues and with a preference wherever possible to use homeopathy, in my dealings with her I found Lynne to be very obliging in appointments, time given in consultation and researching remedies and in her reasonable fees and I very much appreciate the help I have received from her.


Beth of Cheltenham

Thank you so much for your continued support and encouragement with regards to my ongoing health issues and lifestyle choices. If you hadn’t of sent me the link regarding Leaky Gut Syndrome, I would not have thought to investigate it further and as a result, I have been able to explore and read up on Candida and am now eating an alkaline diet. This information has been invaluable not only for myself, but I can share this with my own clients and friends, who I feel, will all benefit. You have been so generous in your time, sharing ideas and offering various solutions that have helped me enormously. I feel fortunate to have been able to benefit from your knowledge and enthusiasm with regard to living well and as healthy as possible.

Please note: These testimonials do not represent evidence but the personal opinion of some of the patients I have treated and were provided to me by letter in order to satisfy ASA guidelines for valid testimonials.
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