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These are the quarterly Medical Digital Infra-red Thermal Imaging Screening Clinics during 2018 :       

Fri 9th Feb 

Fri 11th May 

Fri 10th Aug 

Fri 18th Nov 

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Location: Wharf Clinic, The Wharf, Coombe Hill, GL19 4BB.
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To speak to the organiser ring Lynne Shrubb on 07753222306
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Thermal Imaging now used to diagnose Cervical Cancer…
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Medical Thermal Imaging
If you are over 50 years of age or are a younger man or woman with a concern regarding your breasts or have a family history of breast cancer you will be pleased to hear that there is now a viable alternative to the discomfort and radiation exposure of Mammogram scans.  Called Medical Digital Infra-red Thermal Imaging (MDITI) this alternative approach to breast health protection is available every quarter in Gloucestershire and offers a safe and medically recognised alternative and is discomfort-free and able to detect changes in the breast much earlier than a Mammogram scanner is able to.
MDITI  is a high tech, revolutionary 100% safe medical screening device which is medically proven, non-invasive method of breast screening which is:
• 100% safe
• has no harmful radiation
• non-invasive
• completely painless
• medically proven
• provides a full medical report within 48hrs
The regular NHS breast screening is not recommended for women under 50yrs, however, DITI scans can be undertaken annually without any risk by all women of 20 years upwards as it can pick up changes in breast tissue 8 to 10 years before mammography. Detection at this very early stage can reduce the chances of women having to use more aggressive treatments as with advanced disease.
This scan would suit people who:
• are aged 20yrs upwards
• have a family history of breast cancer
• have had a mastectomy or breast implants
• have smaller breasts
• are concerned about their breast health
• are worried about the radiation exposure
The cost of the 1st scan and full medical report is £195 and the second scan, 3 mths later, is currently £50. The second scan is just a precaution as active cancer cells double every 90 days and also to obtain a benchmark of each woman’s unique breast profile. If you search for a similar service online, as I did, you will find not only is this service generally more expensive elsewhere and though essential to breast scanning, a second scan is often not offered let alone free.