About Lynne Shrubb


From my teens to my 30’s my working life revolved around the jet travel industry, in particular, providing engineering support for commercial passenger aircraft. After I began my family, I then gravitated to running my own business Cheltenham Nannies for period of 16 years. Having experienced family and personal success from Homeopathic treatment it was a simple choice to then train to become a Homeopath so I could help others enjoy similar positive health outcomes.


I graduated as a fully qualified homeopath (LCH) in 2009 and I am licensed to treat humans using homeopathic treatment within the UK. I am a also a registered member of The Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (MARH) which guarantees that I have passed stringent clinical assessments, adhere to the Alliance’s code of ethics and practice and undertake ongoing professional development and supervision to maintain the highest standards of care.

I am experienced in treating a broad range of chronic health problems affecting hormones, circulation, behaviour and emotions, endocrine organs, nerves, joints and muscles, skin, energy levels, viral and bacterial problems etc.


I have recently completed Foundation Certificate training with the London Academy of Systematic Kinesiology and I am now pleased to be able to offer diagnostic help to children or adults who suspect Food or Toxin Sensitivities, a complete Wheel Balance and Emotional Stress Release.

I have undergone training as a CEASE (Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression) Therapist which provides effective treatment for the removal of etiologies which can cause the mental/emotional and physical health problems suffered by children and adults on the Autistic spectrum. Having experienced this first hand from a parents standpoint, I also include parent support during the treatment offered. Please visit this web site for an overview of my interest in this treatment: http://www.cease-therapy.com/make-appointment/practitioner/LynneShrubb

Patients can rely upon an informative and discreet service that will be effective on many levels.

Here are my training certificates :

LJS Homeopath Licentiate Certificate

LJS Kinesiology Foundation Cert

LJS CEASE Therapy Cert