Allergies that cause Hypertension

For the people in the world who suffer from allergies to food or chemicals and also have problems with high blood pressure here follows a personal account of my learning curve on the subject which I hope they will find useful.

For some years and probably since menopause, I have been suffering from time to time with a dull but persistent headache accompanied by a rise in blood pressure up in the region of 145/91 sometimes higher. As time went by I discovered that certain foods could cause these symptoms, in particular Soya (no matter how little) and Yeast. So, as you do, I cut these foods out of my diet and yet I was still suffering from hypertension and even higher than before it would sometimes not return to normal for a number of days and especially worse at night with a hint of breathing difficulties, although I have no prior history of breathing difficulties in my life.

One day, after walking from one end of my local high street to the other, I became aware of a sudden rise in my BP which did not return to normal for several days. In the home environment I had often found that after sitting in front of my laptop in my kitchen/dining room for around 30 minutes I could sense the commencement of the dull head pain and general dis-ease and I put this down to EMF from my laptop (being quite a sensitive person, I reasoned).

Then I had a true light bulb experience after I researched domestic fuel oil which was the fuel for our home boiler situated in a large cupboard behind where I general sit to work on my laptop. It appears that domestic fuel oil is actually the same oil as diesel oil and I began to suspect that the fumes from my boiler and the fumes from the diesel traffic in my local high street were possibly the cause of this particular rise in my blood pressure.

Anyway, after explaining this to my husband he immediately ordered an engineers visit from the heating company we used to service our boiler. The engineer duly arrived and after I explained my fears he quite imperiously informed me that the boiler wasnt old (4 yrs old in fact) and had been regularly serviced so my symptoms couldn’t possibly be caused by the boiler. In response to this I asked him to service the boiler (which was anyway due in a month or two) and I trotted off to the lounge a safe distance from the boiler. 30 minutes later the engineer popped his head round the lounge door and asked to come in. With a somewhat contrite look on his face he advised me never to turn the boiler on again because it would be unsafe to do so as it had developed a hole in the metal casing which meant fumes/fluids where leaking out onto the floor and yet neither of us had smelt any fumes and the working carbon monoxide alarm had failed to go off! We immediately contacted the boiler manufacturers and hey presto they replaced the boiler free of charge providing we allowed them to take the boiler back to their factory for analysis. However, because I insisted that our next boiler was to be hung externally the cost of doing this amounted to £3,000. A small price to pay I felt for peace of mind and a healthy body.

So what had I been doing homeopathically during these HBP episodes. Well interestingly I found that I could sometimes prescribe on the symptoms and when that didnt work then I would prescribe on the cause which I could only do after I had discovered what the causes were. Potency-wise I mostly used 200c or 10m, depending on how high my BP had risen (200c for raised 10m for high) and the response time for this type of acute problem was often within 10 minutes if I’d prescribed correctly. The remedies I found most effective at lowering my BP were Lachesis, Belladonna, Arnica and Natrum Muriaticum depending on the symptom analysis. However, if it was Yeast or Soya that caused the rise I would then take Soya 6c or Yeast 6c which antidoted the ill effects and if it was diesel fumes I have found Carbo Veg amazing at anti-doting the fumes from traffic and nowadays I take it before I go out into town or where-ever I know I will be around traffic such as when I’m cycling and this prevents my BP from rising at all. Thank you Samual Hahnemann for your wonderful medicine!

Besides homeopathy I have found a warm bath to be wonderful at hydrating the body and drinking a pint of water often assists in lowering blood pressure.

I am sad when I wonder just how many people today are on long-term hypertensive drugs with the side effects that accompany them when this could be avoided by sufferers being helped to discover which foods and environments are making them ill.

Best wishes,

Lynne Shrubb,
Homeopath in beautiful Gloucestershire, UK