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I have no hesitation in personally recommending my yoga teacher and the classes she offers in Northway, Tewkesbury, Uckington, Prestbury and Winchcombe in Cheltenham. I love the classes Sandra provides which dont assume a previous background in yoga and looks after everyone no matter what limitations they may have. Sandra’s website is: where you will be able to find details of her excellent classes. Enjoy.

For Vaccine damage information go to:

If you are interested generally in alternative or complimentary approaches to health one of the best places in Cheltenham to find opportunities for classes and to learn more is at the Isbourne Holistic Centre (not far from the Town Hall). The Centre is a truly peaceful haven for appointments with therapists or various classes or lectures and it also boasts a cafe which is a great place to meet up and swap gossip! Please visit their web site to learn more:

If you prefer a non-invasive and non-toxic approach to breast screening ring me on 01242 – 680832 to discover details of Thermal Imaging Screening Clinics held every quarter at my Coombe Hill clinic.

Homeopathic training: Here is a link to the excellent homeopathic training college in Birmingham where I trained between 2005 to 2009:

EMF Protection: For carrying a mobile phone safely in your pocket obtain vital protection from EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequencies) by going to and quote this discount code for a 20% discount: LSHRUBB20

To learn more about a new homeopathic approach to autism please visit the following web site: CEASE Therapy for Autism. Lynne is also a Cease Practitioner.

Find a homeopath use this link to find a registered and licensed homeopath near you

Heard great things about the water products made by Grander of Austria from renowned homeopath Robert Davidson (god rest his soul).

Searching for quality supplements? Then I recommend you buy from Natural Dispensary online (located in Stroud).

To protect remedies from being antidoted by EMF from laptops or phones etc why not consider buying or making a present of a smart protective fabric case made with silver thread from either Homeopathic Supply Company or Helios Pharmacy though it wont provide protection against x-rays it will allow you to travel with your mobile phone in your handbag or briefcase without electronic gadgets anti-doting your remedies!