Why Choose Homeopathy

Is Homeopathy right for you?

It is truly important that individuals obtain help from a practitioner whom they can relate to and have trust in and therefore they need to choose their homeopathic practitioner carefully as in the long run this saves time and brings better immediate and long term results.

My work is based on the belief that my clients needs are of the utmost importance and that they are looking for an earliest possible resolution. However, for long term chronic problems my clients need to be aware that it is likely to take in the region of one monthly visit for each year they have had the health problem that they require treatment for.

It sometimes take a little time for my clients to come to terms with the fact the homeopathic treament does not generally target specific diseases, organs or body systems, though of course named health problems will be noted and taken into consideration whilst remedy prescriptions are being devised. Homeopaths believe that the majority of dis-eases effect more than just one part of the body at the same time and this is why homeopathy takes a whole person approach to solving any presenting health problem.

The remedies you will be treated with have the capacity to work successfully alongside any conventional drugs you may be taking without interferring with the action of these drugs or adding to your toxic load. Your homeopath will not encourage you to reduce or stop conventional treatment as this is something only you and your GP/medical specialist should decide upon. Homeopathic remedies can also support a woman through childbirth or any operation or procedure your medical doctor or specialist deems necessary and it is my experience that certain remedies have the capacity to de-tox the body and limit or even remove certain drug side effects. At the outset of treatment you will be asked to agree to me contacting and sometimes working alongside your GP or medical specialist, where necessary, and I recommend that you seek advice from your GP or specialist before embarking on a new course of homeopathic treatment.

Discerning patients understandably want to know and understand more about the treatments they are offered and I work hard to provide them with answers to all their questions and some they didn’t think to ask!

Defending Homeopathy:

Use the following link to find an excellent article which reveals the truth behind the unrelenting and unprofessional attacks targetted at homeopathy:

Why the constant attacks on homeopathy?

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